August 24, 2020

MO360: Digital production at Mercedes-Benz

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Emily Cook

 Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations 360 (MO360) makes complex vehicle production completely transparent and maximises its efficiency. The new digital ecosystem comprises a family of software applications which are connected via shared interfaces and standardized user interfaces. These applications use real-time data to support the worldwide vehicle production of Mercedes-Benz Cars. Large parts of MO360 are already in use at more than 30 plants around the world. The networked plants supply data which the MO360 applications can access. Other applications for the digital support of production staff at Mercedes-Benz Cars are set to be integrated into MO360 successively. MO360 combines efficiency and quality tools in a functional unit for maximum transparency in highly digitalised automotive production. Find more detailed information here: More DAIMLER: -------------------- Visit our channel: Facebook: Corporate Website: Daimler-Magazine: 

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