Feb 26, 2021

Top 10 smart manufacturing technologies and their benefits

Georgia Wilson
4 min
Smart Manufacturing
Discover 10 of the top smart manufacturing technologies manufacturers are adopting in 2021 and the benefits they provide...

With manufacturers rapidly accelerating their adopting industry 4.0 in light of COVID-19, the arrival of industry 5.0 (industry X.0) is closer now than ever before, taking manufacturing organisations to the next level of growth and connectivity.

“Industry X is the future of making ‘things’. It’s about reinventing product and delivery processes so that they’re smarter, safer, more connected, more profitable, more relevant and more sustainable – all things necessary for organisations’ next level of growth,” explained Maddie Walker, Industry X Practice Lead at Accenture (UK) in the latest issue of Manufacturing Global

In this top 10 we look at 10 of the top smart manufacturing technologies adopted in 2021 and the benefits they provide.

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