May 19, 2020

Top 10 metrics for successful smart factory operations

Smart Manufacturing
Georgia Wilson
3 min

Manufacturing Global details the top 10 most valuable analytical metrics smart factories need to have in order to drive growth.

Analytics - a crucial element for driving smart factory growth. Currently within the industry 68% of manufacturers have smart factory projects underway. Leading this transformation is the discrete manufacturing sector, with plans to transition to smart factories by 2024. In the next five years manufacturers plan to launch 40% more factories, increasing investments in the transformation.

However, with this progression only 14% of manufacturers say they are succeeding with their smart factory projects. This is where analytics comes into play. In order to develop a successful smart factory, the transformation needs to be built on a foundation of analytics to drive greater accuracy, clarity and precision.

The power of metrics provides smart factories with end-to-end visibility of operations, as well as keeping factories focused on core goals and changing customer needs. 

The most valuable analytical metrics smart factories need to be harnessing in order to build a successful smart factory includes:

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