Nov 5, 2020

Splice Machine Announces Operational AI Platform for IIoT

Oliver Freeman
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Splice Machine has announced Livewire, the operational AI platform, designed to bring Machine Learning out of the lab and into the plant...

Splice Machine, the only scale-out SQL database with built-in machine learning, announced the launch of Livewire, its new open-source Operational AI platform for industrial IoT use cases, yesterday, November 4th. 

A Powerful Data-AI Collaboration

Livewire is the first combined data and AI platform of its kind, designed to alert plant operators of likely outages or performance degradation with enough time for human employees to intervene and perform remedial action, to avoid any potential outages and improve overall performance. The programme’s creators sought out the opinions of the company’s industrial partners and customers, to establish exactly what they thought was missing in their existing tech stack and they got to work on developing the product with their responses in mind.

The Splice Machine Livewire platform allows teams of data engineerings, data scientists, and operators to collaborate with unprecedented speed and agility on a single, centralised platform. By using the integrated platform, these teams of experts can deploy machine learning models 100x faster with half the staff.

The platform is cutting-edge, if not industry-leading, and brings together the three critical components needed in comprehensive AI solutions for industrial IoT:

Connectivity and Ingestion

  • Tools and APIs to integrate and ingest data from DCSs, SCADAs, historians, ERP systems, MES systems, and other data sources.  

Observability Platform

  • Visualisation and alerting tools to surface temporal data, static data, and predictions. 

Prediction Platform

  • An end-to-end Machine Learning platform for developing, experimenting, and deploying machine learning models. 

Developments in Machine Learning

The new platform’s machine learning capabilities have the potential to unlock the full power of the data that flows through your organisation. In fact, Livewire is built to help oil and gas, utilities and process manufacturing companies move Machine Learning (ML) projects into production more rapidly and reduce infrastructure complexity for a more agile ML lifecycle. “By giving data science and machine learning teams access to real-time data, making feature and model creation easier, and providing advanced MLOps tools for managing and deploying models to production, Livewire gets business to AI-powered results faster.”

“Many AI and ML projects start out with great ideas and intentions, but go nowhere," said Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO, Splice Machine. "We are here to help those projects move out of the 'ivory towers' and into production applications. With Livewire, industrial enterprises can capitalise on investments made in sensors, AI and staff and drive a digital transformation that can generate superior business outcomes on an ongoing basis.”

Splice Machine works in common IIoT use cases that follow the OODA structure (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) by ingesting sensor data and suggesting actions. Use cases where Splice Machine is being used or evaluated include outage avoidance, load forecasting, predictive maintenance, threat detection, and spare parts planning.

Easing the Asset-Heavy Industries

Fortunately, for companies that have made their home in asset-heavy industries like desalination, energy, process manufacturers, oil and gas, and telecommunications, Livewire augments native DCS/SCADA systems and offers a modern alternative to the traditional historians that couldn’t scale to meet the needs of new and improved machine learning applications. Unlike black-box proprietary AI offerings, Splice Machine solutions are open source, allowing users to maintain control over their solution and their data without prohibitive costs that slow down the return on investment. Splice Machine also simplifies the deployment and management of applications when compared to disparate cloud solutions that have to be architected together and heavily managed to prevent failure.

"Splice Machine's unique combination of operational, analytical and machine learning capabilities has been proven at scale in highly regulated industries like financial services and healthcare," said Zweben. "Now, with Livewire, we're aligning IT and operations technology to deliver operational AI for industrial companies around the world."

"Accenture and Splice Machine are taking AI out of the lab and into the plant with the new Livewire solution," said Andreas Braun, Managing Director, EMEA Lead, Data Business Group and Applied Intelligence, Accenture. "This merging of databases and machine learning enables companies to achieve better business outcomes faster, but better yet, it allows them to quickly iterate and continuously improve the predictive accuracy of models leading to even better outcomes such as fewer outages and better performance."

On November 11th, 2020 at 09:00 am PST/12:00 pm EST/16:00 GMT; Splice Machine will be hosting a live webinar, to announce the launch of Livewire; within the event, you can learn all about the system and how it can benefit and exponentially speed up your processes. If your company operates in the oil and gas, utilities, petrochemical, or process manufacturing space, I encourage you to check it out and sign up, here

If you’re intrigued by this development but can’t make the webinar, why not take a look at Splice Machine’s Livewire whitepaper?

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May 10, 2021

Lion Electric to Construct US EV Manufacturing Facility

Georgia Wilson
3 min
Lion Electric |Smart Manufacturing | Sustainable Manufacturing | Electric Vehicles | Electric School Buses | Electric Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicles | Sustainability | Technology | Freight | Transportation
Lion Electric announces its selection of Illinois to construct its all-electric medium and heavy-duty urban vehicle manufacturing facility...

Who is Lion Electric?

Founded in 2008, Lion Electric is an innovative manufacturer of all-electric, zero-emissions, medium and heavy-duty urban vehicles. Lion Electric designs, manufactures, and assembles all components for its vehicles that have unique features specifically adapted to the users and their needs. “We believe that transitioning to all-electric vehicles will lead to major improvements in our society, environment and overall quality of life,” believes Lion Electric. 

Lion Electric’s new Illinois Manufacturing Facility

Just two months after announcing plans to construct a battery manufacturing plant and innovation centre in Quebec, Lion Electric is expanding its locations further, selecting Joliet, Illinois for its new manufacturing facility in the US.

The new facility is said to “represent the largest dedicated production site for zero-emission medium and heavy-duty vehicles in the US,” as well as being the company’s biggest footprint in the market. The new facility will give Lion Electric the capacity to meet increasing demand for ‘Made in America’ zero-emission vehicles and bring production closer to customers. 

It is expected that the first vehicles off the production line will be in the second half of 2022.

“Lion’s historic investment to bring its largest production facility to Illinois represents not only a win for our communities, but a strong step forward in our work to expand clean energy alternatives and the jobs they bring to our communities,” said Gov. J.B. Pritzker. 

“The new Joliet facility will put Illinois at the forefront of a national movement to transition to zero-emission vehicle use, advancing our own goals of putting one million of these cars on the road by 2030. In Illinois, we know that a clean energy economy is about more than just vehicles – it’s about healthier communities and jobs for those who live there. We are excited to welcome Lion to the Land of Lincoln and look forward to their future success here.”

Lion Electric’s Agreement with the Government of Illinois

Over the next three years, Lion Electric will invest a minimum of US$70mn into Illinois. The new facility - totalling 900,000 square feet - is expected to create a minimum of 745 clean energy direct jobs in the next three years, and have an annual production capacity of up to 20,000 all electric buses and trucks.

Scaling electric bus production and decarbonising freight and transportation

As the US moves to electrifying its school buses, the additional production capacity at the facility will help Lion Electric to scale its electric bus production, as well as produce an increased volume of heavy-duty zero-emission trucks to help governments and operators in the US further the decarbonisation of freight and transportation fleets.

“Lion is the leader in electric school buses and has always been dedicated to the U.S. market, and our commitment to be close to our customers is one of the core values we have as a company. This significant expansion into the U.S. market will not only allow us to drastically increase our overall manufacturing capacity of electric trucks and buses but to also better serve our customers, while adding critical clean manufacturing jobs that will form the backbone of the green economy,” said Marc Bedard, CEO and Founder of Lion.

“I also want to acknowledge the crucial role that P33 and Intersect Illinois, civic groups committed to developing developing a long-term roadmap for the local tech industry, played in connecting Lion with the Chicago area’s business and civic community to help further commercial traction, as well as engagement with key workforce and supplier partners.” 

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