Nissan and MarkMonitor remove thousands of counterfeit auto parts from the global marketplace
May 16, 2020
Nell Walker

Nissan and MarkMonitor remove thousands of counterfeit auto parts from the global marketplace

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MarkMonitor has announced that its ongoing partnership with Nissan has resulted in major strides in thecommitment to take action against the production...

<p><a href="">MarkMonitor</a&gt; has announced that its ongoing partnership with <a href="//">Nissan</a&gt; has resulted in major strides in the&nbsp;commitment to take action against the production and circulation of counterfeit auto parts.</p>

<p>These counterfeit parts pose a threat to customer safety and jeopardise Nissan’s reputation as a high quality automotive manufacturer, but working with MarkMonitor, Nissan has removed more than 31,700 fake products from the market and enforced against over 125,000 marketplace listings, with a value of $283 million.</p>

<p>“Our customers’ safety is our number one objective and counterfeit parts create an unnecessary risk to them,” said Andy Forsythe, Brand Protection Manager for Nissan North America. “Nissan is committed to vigilance against counterfeiting and partnering with MarkMonitor has given us the ability to detect these types of sales and educate dealers and consumers to the potential hazards these parts can cause.”&nbsp;</p>

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<p>Counterfeit parts cost the global automotive industry around $45 billion each year, and are a huge liability risk for manufacturers. The parts are mainly distributed via online marketplaces or sites using stolen imagery to make them appear legitimate. As a result they end up being installed by unwitting mechanics or consumers, and can cause major damage. This can, in turn, lead to higher warranty costs for customers or harm to vehicle occupants.</p>

<p>“Nissan has taken proactive steps to protect their customers and ensure that counterfeit parts do not end up in their hands,” said Charlie Abrahams, Senior Vice President at MarkMonitor. “Counterfeiters are continually refining their methods to deceive consumers online and brands need a strong strategy to protect their customers from fakes. MarkMonitor has provided the tools for Nissan to educate dealers about the potential hazards caused by these types of parts and the ability to aggressively combat the issues of counterfeiting and brand abuse online, putting customer safety first.”</p>

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