Jun 24, 2020

In focus: Dell Technologies’ efforts to combat COVID-19

Georgia Wilson
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With very few unaffected by the impact of COVID-19, we take a look at how Dell Technologies is providing global economic and business support...

"Customers need essential technology now more than ever to put business continuity, remote working and learning plans into practice," said Jeff Clarke , vice chairman and chief operating officer, Dell Technologies. 

"In Q1, we saw orders with banking and financial services, government, healthcare and life sciences customers up 15 to 20% – all to meet immediate needs of their customers, communities and patients. As the world pivots from response to recovery, we'll continue to put our broad capabilities to work to deliver differentiated results for our customers and our company."

With the help of its innovative products, broad capabilities, flexible supply chain and resilient workforce, Dell Technologies has been effectively navigating the pandemic and helping others to do the same. 

Celebrating its culture of giving

In a recent statement made by the company, Dell Technologies placed a spotlight on its workforce’s efforts to provide support during the pandemic.

“As a company, we have prioritised our COVID-19 efforts where we can make the greatest positive impact to the immediate health, safety and sustainability of our communities and the frontline organizations working to treat and contain the virus around the world. We are committed to making this difference through our technology, our reach, our donations, and the remarkable efforts of our 150,000 team members,” commented Dell Technologies .

3D Printing

With the world requiring an increasing number of personal protection equipment (PPE), Dell Technologies has been leveraging its 3D printing (additive manufacturing) capabilities to produce as well as distribute, masks and visors for healthcare workers.

Funding food

With COVID-19 having a significant impact on the most vulnerable, Dell Technologies has been working to address food shortages by distributing food and provisions totalling more than 500 meals per day and providing shelter to 100 individuals. 

The company has also established a fundraiser in Minnesota raising more than US$25,000 to help families in need and children who rely on school meals.

Lending digital skills

With the capabilities technology can provide needed more than ever, Dell Technologies has been providing its technological expertise to its non-profit partners that needed to adapt quickly to remote working in order to continue their operations. 

One non-profit partner includes Barnardos Ireland who needed to adapt their services in order to continue to support the children and families that depend on them. Dell Technologies provided a fundraiser and experienced work from home volunteers to lend their expertise in remote management of teams, setting-up conference calls, enabling security best practices, communicating with donors, and supporting call center activation and coaching. 

Financial support

Around the world, Dell has been providing financial aid to support those affected by the pandemic, this includes:

  • An initial donation of US$284,000 to fund badly-needed materials such as surgical masks, protective clothing and eye protectors for local hospitals in China
  • Delivering an in-kind IT infrastructure donation valued at US$853,000 to the Hubei Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in China. 
  • Setting aside US$3mn in funds and in-kind technology donations to help meet the needs of our communities and the front-line organisations working to treat and contain COVID-19 
  • Matching every team members’ donation to support the COVID-19 response, dollar for dollar up to $10,000 per employee per year via its Dell match program
  • Supporting local businesses in Texas via its Round Rock Cares foundation with an initial investment of US$100,000

To find out more about the support Dell Technologies is providing around the world to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, click here! To find out more about Dell Technologies COVID-19 response, click here! 

About Dell Technologies

Founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, Dell Technologies is built on a shared vision, ‘of a future that is better than today’. As a result, “Dell Technologies is committed to transforming businesses, shaping the future of innovation and developing technologies to drive human progress.”

Dell Technologies’ offers a wide range of products and solutions relating to infrastructure, workforce, industry, design and midmarket, as well as services for deployment, consultancy, payments, education, technology and more !

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Jun 17, 2021

Siemens: Providing the First Industrial 5G Router

3 min
Siemens’ first industrial 5G router, the Scalancer MUM856-1, is now available and will revolutionise the concept of remote control in industry

Across a number of industry sectors, there’s a growing need for both local wireless connectivity and remote access to machines and plants. In both of these cases, communication is, more often than not, over a long distance. Public wireless data networks can be used to enable this connectivity, both nationally and internationally, which makes the new 5G network mainframe an absolutely vital element of remote access and remote servicing solutions as we move into the interconnected age. 


Siemens Enables 5G IIoT

The eagerly awaited Scalance MUM856-1, Siemens’ very first industrial 5G router, is officially available to organisations. The device has the ability to connect all local industrial applications to the public 5G, 4G (LTE), and 3G (UMTS) mobile wireless networks ─ allowing companies to embrace the long-awaited Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 

Siemens presents its first industrial 5G router.
Siemens presents the Scalance MUM856-1.

The router can be used to remotely monitor and service plants, machines, as well as control elements and other industrial devices via a public 5G network ─ flexibly and with high data rates. Something that has been in incredibly high demand after being teased by the leading network providers for years.


Scalance MUM856-1 at a Glance


  • Scalance MUM856-1 connects local industrial applications to public 5G, 4G, and 3G mobile wireless networks
  • The router supports future-oriented applications such as remote access via public 5G networks or the connection of mobile devices such as automated guided vehicles in industry
  • A robust version in IP65 housing for use outside the control cabinet
  • Prototypes of Siemens 5G infrastructure for private networks already in use at several sites


5G Now

“To ensure the powerful connection of Ethernet-based subnetworks and automation devices, the Scalance MUM856-1 supports Release 15 of the 5G standard. The device offers high bandwidths of up to 1000 Mbps for the downlink and up to 500 Mbps for the uplink – providing high data rates for data-intensive applications such as the remote implementation of firmware updates. Thanks to IPv6 support, the devices can also be implemented in modern communication networks.


Various security functions are included to monitor data traffic and protect against unauthorised access: for example, an integrated firewall and authentication of communication devices and encryption of data transmission via VPN. If there is no available 5G network, the device switches automatically to 4G or 3G networks. The first release version of the router has an EU radio license; other versions with different licenses are in preparation. With the Sinema Remote Connect management platform for VPN connections, users can access remote plants or machines easily and securely – even if they are integrated in other networks. The software also offers easy management and autoconfiguration of the devices,” Siemens said. 


Preparing for a 5G-oriented Future

Siemens has announced that the new router can also be integrated into private 5G networks. This means that the Scalance MUM856-1 is, essentially, future-proofed when it comes to 5G adaptability; it supports future-oriented applications, including ‘mobile robots in manufacturing, autonomous vehicles in logistics or augmented reality applications for service technicians.’ 


And, for use on sites where conditions are a little harsher, Siemens has given the router robust IP65 housing ─ it’s “dust tight”, waterproof, and immersion-proofed.


The first release version of the router has an EU radio license; other versions with different licenses are in preparation. “With the Sinema Remote Connect management platform for VPN connections, users can access remote plants or machines easily and securely – even if they are integrated in other networks. The software also offers easy management and auto-configuration of the devices,” Siemens added.


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