Mar 09, 2021

Could Spain become the e-mobility centre of Europe?

Georgia Wilson
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SEAT, Volkswagen Group and the Spainish government
Volkswagen Group, SEAT and the Spanish Government announce their shared vision to make Spain an e-mobility hub...

Visiting the SEAT Martorell headquarters to commemorate its 70th anniversary, Volkswagen Group, SEAT and the Spanish Government announced their shared vision for the sustainable transformation of the automotive industry. 

As part of their shared vision, both automotive manufacturers - Volkswagen Group and SEAT - will collaborate on transforming the industrial infrastructure and ecosystem for electric mobility, as well as accelerate the economic recovery of the country. 

Did you know? In 2020, Volkswagen announced a €5bn investment into e-mobility until 2025.

Developing an e-mobility ecosystem

To accelerate the development of an e-mobility ecosystem, the automotive manufacturers have detailed a project that will act as a tractor for large and medium sized companies. 

As part of the project Volkswagen and SEAT will collaborate with organisations from key sectors including Iberdrola, Telefónica, CaixaBank, Gestamp and Antolín.

“This ambitious joint, forward-looking initiative has large potential to generate jobs, especially for young people,” stated SEAT.

Could Spain become the e-mobility centre of Europe

Having the second largest automotive production industry in Europe, Spain has a large part to play in reaching the targets laid out in the European Green Deal by 2030.

SEAT explains that with this in mind it will be crucial for Spain to accelerate the creation of the electric vehicle ecosystem, stimulate demand and develop public recharging infrastructure.

“Spain can evolve into an e-mobility centre of Europe. We share the Spanish Government’s vision: the transformation of the automotive industry. The modernisation of industrial structures and the creation of future-proof jobs can serve as a powerful blueprint for the whole region. We hope that the EU Commission has the political willingness to let this flagship project with historic importance for Spain become reality” said Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of SEAT S.A.

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