Jan 9, 2020

OptimalPlus Leverages Amazon Web Services to Provide Analyti

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HOLON, Israel, Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- OptimalPlus, the global leader in lifecycle analytics solutions, today announced the successful migration of its products to Amazon Web Services (AWS), combining key AWS Internet of Things (IoT) components with the OptimalPlus analytics platform. As a result, OptimalPlus now supports customers in advanced, high-throughput manufacturing who are interested in running on AWS, to leverage a range of AWS services including Amazon SageMaker, AWS IoT Greengrass, AWS IoT Core, Amazon QuickSight, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Those advanced capabilities were presented by AWS semiconductor experts at AWS re:Invent 2019 in Las-Vegas.

Several leading semiconductor companies are already running OptimalPlus analytics solutions on AWS as they integrate new solutions as part of their embrace of Industry 4.0. Socionext Inc., a leading Japan-based semiconductor company providing System-on-Chip based solutions for consumer, automotive, and industrial markets, is using AWS as their cloud infrastructure provider running OptimalPlus analytics solutions. The OptimalPlus solution running on AWS helps Socionext manage quality, reliability, and manufacturing floor operations. Other semiconductor companies are using AWS analytics and machine learning (ML) services, including Amazon SageMaker, to further process the data collected and managed by OptimalPlus solutions, helping to solve complex quality and yield issues through advanced analytics and ML.

"Our relationship with AWS has allowed OptimalPlus to natively leverage more of the AWS cloud technology stack, and help us achieve AWS Data & Analytics Competency status, serving the semiconductor design and manufacturing community," said Dan Glotter, OptimalPlus CEO.                

OptimalPlus complements powerful AWS data analysis solutions with enhanced visibility into the entire semiconductor manufacturing process, applying advanced data science and domain expertise to help customers improve their product performance and reliability, while also enhancing their production metrics. Working with AWS allows OptimalPlus's extensive expertise supporting semiconductor customers with access to its experts, methodologies, and best practices, to be paired with data collected by in-house analytic teams and processed using AWS.

Solutions provided by OptimalPlus are designed to allow manufacturers to move beyond the currently available machine-centric IIoT analytics that helps customers understand the operations of their machinery, to include Industry 4.0 solutions that are product-centric. These new solutions focus on product quality, reliability, yield, and more, which can provide near real-time insight into the actual product being produced on the factory floor. The significant data insights generated using AWS solutions can then be turned into automated, optimized actions, to make decisions on production lines around the world, increasing the performance of the product itself. Changes can be made to products or production of can even be halted automatically based on the insights generated.

"Our relationship with AWS represents a great advantage for semiconductor manufacturers," said Doug Elder, VP and GM of the Semiconductor Business Unit at OptimalPlus. "We see a growing trend amongst our semiconductor clients to move toward AWS cloud services. At the same time, they want to ensure that they also benefit from OptimalPlus's edge capabilities on the factory floor, allowing them to close-the-loop by making actionable, real-time decisions to improve their production quality, efficiency, and reliability. As companies continue to invest in IIoT solutions and move towards Industry 4.0, they are eager to see ROI, and OptimalPlus's relationship with AWS can generate benefits shortly after implementation."

About OptimalPlus

OptimalPlus is the global leader in lifecycle analytics solutions for the automotive, semiconductor, and electronics industries, serving tier-1 suppliers and OEMs. Analyzing data from over 100 billion devices annually, OptimalPlus enables enhancements in key manufacturing metrics such as yield and efficiency, improves product quality and reliability, and provides full supply chain visibility. Seamlessly integrated with other already existing tools, the OptimalPlus Open Platform combines machine-learning with a global data infrastructure to provide real-time product analytics and to extract insights from data across the entire supply chain. Optimal Plus has offices in Asia, Europe, the United States, and Israel. For more information, visit http://www.optimalplus.com. Follow us on Twitter @OptimalPlus.

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