Jul 17, 2020

First CNC Cloud App for Purchasing Cutting Tools from Any Br

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CAMARILLO, Calif., July 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- California-based MachiningCloud, an independent provider of 3D cutting tool, toolholder, and workholding product data, has announced a new feature for its online service—the ability to not only download geometric and application information but to then purchase the products as well. The company currently has eighteen suppliers slated for the September 2020 launch and in development with others who will participate in the marketplace. CEO Dan Frayssinet answered a few questions to explain how it works and why he took this groundbreaking step. 

Q: MachiningCloud is already the leader in CNC product data. Why this move into e-commerce? 
There's admittedly no shortage of places to buy tooling online. Most cutting tool and toolholder distributors have shopping cart functionality, as do some manufacturers. Even Amazon and Walmart sell tooling, albeit in a limited fashion. However, very few provide 3D models of that tooling, and none allow a user to virtually assemble cutting tools and toolholders, then import them into their CAM systems and other manufacturing software tools. Nor do those sites provide a seamless way to gather the manufacturer's feed and speed recommendations, if they offer that information at all. Lastly, integrated e-commerce capabilities extend the workflow process that MachiningCloud users have come to rely on every day. For me, this was the logical next step in our evolution.

Q: But I already have online accounts established with all my key suppliers. Doesn't this further complicate an already complex manufacturing landscape?
Quite the contrary. Just as MachiningCloud is already the single source for all manner of tooling data, it will soon provide a single place to purchase that tooling. Once a user has assembled everything, they can easily check inventory and place a single purchase order for everything that's needed. Compare this to the current approach, which is to visit multiple websites, place multiple orders, and process multiple payments. And for those customers who want to continue as they have been with their current suppliers, that's not a problem—they can purchase as many or as few of their tooling products through MachiningCloud as desired. So just as Amazon has made life simpler for the consumer, so will MachiningCloud make life easier for the machining industry. 

Q: Still, it's a significant shift in the status quo for many manufacturers, many of which are still ordering tools the old-fashioned way—by picking up the phone or emailing a purchase order. Can you provide any quantifiable benefits that will convince them that online ordering is the right approach for their company?
It should be evident that the ability to spec out tooling, check inventory levels, and then order it from the same place is a huge timesaver. Add to that MachiningCloud's other capabilities, and it seems like a no-brainer for any shop looking to fully embrace Industry 4.0 and all that it offers. Yes, it will be an adjustment for some folks, but I'm confident that once they try it, they will quickly recognize the time savings, visibility, and greater efficiency it provides. When you consider that MachiningCloud currently has 80,000 users and is on track to host 300,000 users by the end of 2021, you can see that this will have a significant impact on the industry overall. It's quite simply the next evolution in digital manufacturing. I'm very pleased to be a part of it.

For more information on MachiningCloud's e-commerce capabilities, feel free to contact your company representative or email [email protected]

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