Founder & Managing Director, Taurus Group

Father of two, Arun Garg, Founder and Managing Director of Taurus Group, strongly believes in a few keywords: dedication, perfection, commitment and meeting deadlines. "This is something that I have followed as a discipline throughout my career. I have always believed in these words as they continue to inspire me in my career. As such, I emphasise this as a guiding principle within the products and services we bring to our customers," says Garg.

Garg's most significant achievement is his role at Taurus Group. "We operate in a niche field that is dedicated to focusing on specific business domains, which have led us to be specialists in the areas of our operations. Taurus Group is a renowned name in the European market space," says Garg.

With a background in IT and networking, Menno Kortekaas, Founder of Circle B, was introduced to the OCP hardware during his consulting years. Looking further into the application of OCP hardware for data centres, Kortekaas found that a particular company was using Facebook designed hardware for their own open stack solutions. "But I found that this was not readily available in Europe, apart from a few smaller companies in the US. So, I founded Circle B to operate in this space," says Kortekaas.

Always driven by innovation and creating new things, Kortekaas, in his career, has always been driven to find new things to improve or update. Coming across open compute projects led him to this innovative mindset. "The industry is always changing, just like the software." Kortekaas is proud of Circle B's growth since it was established and its product portfolio to its customers.

Co-Founding ClusterVision almost 20 years ago, a specialist company for large scale solutions for high performance in data or computing, Alex Ninaber is the Director of High-Performance Computing (HPC). "I've always been very practical, always trying to find solutions to complex problems, partly due to my background in chemistry and physics. Around that time, we were trying to save money with defined and straightforward solutions," says Ninaber.

Ninaber's most significant achievement is founding his own company alongside his business partner and keeping it running for such a long time. "This is definitely something I am proud of. In the past 20 years, we have built one of the largest HPC installations globally in Vienna, which was completely submerged in baby oil, a solution that doesn't conduct and can be used to cool your machines in a much more energy-efficient way!"

Operating in the industry 4.0 digital manufacturing space, Jitesh Kohli, CEO of Solulever, co-founded the company in 2019. "In my current role, what inspires me is the solution that we are taking to market, solving some real challenges in the industry. So, value creation for our customers, partners, and employees is what motivates and inspires me," says Kohli.

Since founding Solulever in 2019, Kohli says one of his proudest achievements is challenging some of the major traditional giants in the industry in a brief period. "I am also proud of the talent that we have been able to attract and the culture we have created," he adds.

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