Head of Strategy and Business Development at Siemens

A true expert in his field, Benjamin Moey prefaced his career with a B.Eng in Microelectronics at the National University of Singapore (graduating in 2002) and hasn’t stopped learning since. Following the completion of an MSc in Precision Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (2005), he went on to earn a postgraduate diploma in Strategic Marketing from the London School of Marketing (2007), an MBA in Exchange Marketing at Columbia University (2010) and an Executive MBA from London Business School (2010).

When Moey joined Siemens in 2014 as the Head of Strategy and Business Development, he says that it was the unique value that Siemens brings to the APAC region which drew him in: “It was a unique opportunity. I think this company is at the cutting edge of technology and I'm glad to be back in Asia because this is the growing manufacturing hub of the world.”

Moey has enjoyed a varied career, including roles in strategic marketing, investment management the UK and Head of Strategy at Rolls Royce Energy (Asia Pacific). After starting with Siemens, he was soon promoted to Director (Mergers & Acquisitions) at the company’s Energy Division in Orlando, Florida, before rising to his current position as Vice President (Advance Manufacturing, Digital Industries) of the APAC branch. It is this full-spectrum experience, from engineering to finance, strategy, R&D (research and development) and finally to mergers & acquisitions (M&A), that he believes primed him for leadership at Siemens. “I've been around,” he says, “and I think that the combination of these diverse and international experiences, as well as my MBA at the London Business School, has really set me up for my current role.”

Moey’s wide breadth of experience and penchant for change came to the company at a crucial time; deciding to fully embrace the exciting, new digital era, Siemens has started to diversify from the hardware which gained its reputation. “There has been a lot of change in mindset at the management level and we have begun transitioning ourselves to be more digitally focused,” he explains.

A unique venture in the global market, the goal of Siemens’ AMTC (Advance Manufacturing Transformation Centre) is to bridge the gap between developing and matured industrial practices, particularly with regard to the adoption of 3D printing. Moey hopes that helping companies accelerate the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies through simplification, digitalisation and collaboration “can help them translate their prototype designs into industrial-scale production and truly harness their benefit on a low risk, low investment basis at our AMTC facilities,” he adds.

Accelerating the adoption of advanced manufacturing in the APAC region is Moey’s staunch goal and he wants to make it clear that a partnership with Siemens is a significant step for any company that wishes to do so. “The changes happening now are here to stay,” he summarises. “I think people will evolve their mindset in terms of how they deal with change. The most important thing for them to understand is that digital transformation can be a gradual process; it doesn't have to be overnight; we need to constantly move and upgrade to really take on the challenges of tomorrow.”

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There has been a lot of change in mindset at the management level and we have begun transitioning ourselves to be more digitally focused.
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