Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Americas for Schenck Process
Prior to joining Schenck in 2019, Richard Moroski, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Americas for Schenck Process, spent time working for Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, GE, Orbital ATK and the Triumph Group. Having enjoyed stints in Operations, Engineering, SupplyChain, Procurement and Program Management, Moroski knows by experience the importance of remaining results-focused and has a proven track record of achieving successful transformations.
Whether facing complex global issues, changing market conditions, or adopting new technology, Moroski maintains an unrelenting focus on achieving aggressive company objectives, despite the challenges. His energy, adaptability and mental agility allow him to lead with strength and maintain a winning corporate culture during times of adversity. “I believe culture is a mirror for leadership. Good or bad, it’s a reflection of who you are,” says Moroski.