Nick Giannakakis has over 20 years of experience working in IT. Throughout his career he's worked for Richemont in Switzerland, British American Tobacco in the UK, and in his native Greece for the Coca-Cola Hellenic Company. His current role is at Motor Oil, where he's based in Athens. 

He describes his style of management as being both a mentor and a team member, commenting that he prides himself on a daily basis of being able to combine these two aspects. He believes in the importance of being able to influence decisions working with senior executives. 

He's also a big believer in diversity. "We try to encourage everyone to bring a difference to everything they do," he says. "When you are leading a tech department, and I have been on this journey for years and years now, you need to be able to focus on diversity. When I say diversity I also mean in the way of thinking, combining a more agile way of thinking and understanding the power of prioritisation."

Giannakakis is collaborative, always a team player, and always keen to learn. "I don't want to be left behind in this new reality, and I always try to bring new ideas to the table" he adds.